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Motion picture film making as we know it, started in the 1890s? with the creation of moving picture cameras.? At that moment in time, that basic camera was able to make only one minute long films? – a far cry from current day full featured,? full length? pictures. This was the beginning of the creation of motion picture film studios.

Back then, all films were without sound and it wasn't until the late 1920s,? did equipment advance far enough,? to create moving pictures or 'movies' with sound.? However, in spite of the fact that there? wasn't anything to hear, motion picture films became widely popular. ? News events and stories,? were translated to film and viewed as entertainment.? In the wake of the Technological Revolution, ? and the advancement of electricity in factories,? people had more leisure time and could stay out later at the show to be entertained.? Once WW ll was over, moving pictures were being shown in Hawaii movie houses and the trend had gotten hold. The rest is history.


Lightspeed Improvements in Technology

Due to speedy technological strides, we can currently record lots of sounds in the form of voice and music, and listen to it immediately.? Video is easily recorded of weather events, news breaks, family, friends, and pets and converted to the internet in mere minutes. Cellular phones are now made equipped with cameras with resolution in high definition which are a far cry? from the motion picture cameras from days of old. We will be the most recorded? generations in the history of mankind.?

Our lineages and traditions will be forevermore preserved and the knowledge of this will be shared with generations. Convert captured family memories from old 8 or 16 mm film or old audio made with ancient methods to current day formats so we can preserve and protect these moments in time?. There are programs that are in process to ensure the preservation of our film history but we each need to apply this practice to our own special moments and preserve them for future enjoyment.? Call AV Conversion Services in Hawaii today and properly care for those cherished memories.


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