12,000 Family Photos Scanned to Digital Files

12,000 Family Photos Scanned to Digital

12,000 Photos Scanned to High-Res Digital Files

AV Customer’s Photo Archive Restored and Preserved to Digital

AV recently scanned a customer’s extensive family photo collection of about 12,000 images. AV began this task by cleaning each photo by hand with a microfiber cloth to ensure the photos would look the best they possibly could. The photos were then scanned with our Nikon 5000 scanners and organized by date onto a USB Flash Drive.  


AV’s Image Scanning Process: 


1) Cleaning
AV cleans every single photo with a microfiber cloth to remove and dirt, dust, and debris.

2) High Quality Photo Scanners

AV uses professional grade picture scanners to give you a high quality result. Most other shops actually use document scanners, but AV’s scanners, from Kodak and Fujitsu, are specifically made for photos. Our scanners use a CCD sensor, instead of a CMOS, which allows for a higher quality image and less noise.

3) Organization / Final Result

AV scans your photos in order by date where possible (as long as correct dates / desired order is specified). The photos are then organized onto a Flash Drive or Hard Drive. AV creates a sub-folder system (as seen below) based on the categories you provide. For example, every envelope, bag, or box will be a unique folder on your USB Flash Drive and labeled accordingly.



Once we completed the scanning and organizing for all 12,000 photos, this AV customer got back their newly cleaned original photos along with their Flash Drive with the digital files! As a result, their cherished family photo collection is now preserved and can be shared with family and friends for generations to come!



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