Make Your Brown Film Blue…

Bluray that is!

Our family has been taking films of our gatherings for years and years. From reunions to vacations, from Christmas to Easter, we’ve collected rolls and rolls of film. Clowning around at family reunions with everyone there was caught on film. Weddings in the family were so hopeful and exciting. Babies when they arrived and grandparents before they left us were all caught on film, thankfully.​

Memories of Yesteryear​

For many years on Sunday afternoons once a month or so, we’d get together and watch old films. Memories were renewed and discussed; we’d noticed how things had changed, hairstyles, clothes styles, not to mention children growing up as parents grew older too. Good times and good memories.

Although we have lots of films, someone would always say play the one where… Or let’s watch the kids at baseball practice when…. After several years we’ve noticed that the films were becoming more faded and losing color. The vibrancy just wasn’t there anymore. Plus, the quality of the sound seemed to be getting worse every time we watched it. I’ve heard it said that the more they are played, the more deteriorated they become, even though they’ve always been handled with care. Sound and the audio started to get distorted in some sections. I guess they just got old.

Revive Faded Memories for a New Life in DVD

After my son-in-law suggested we have the films put on disc, Either DVD or Bluray. we did some research into the matter. We found that AV Conversion Services was a great company that seemed to realize how precious our films were to our family. They said they’d not only to take care with the films, but also improve on the sounds and the details , vibrancy and color of the films. It seemed impossible to bring them back to life, back to the way we remembered them. They said they would try to improve the quality of the films by digitizing them and putting them on DVDs. We were delighted to know they could be restored. And not just restored, but we’d be able to enjoy them over and over again without losing any video or audio quality. Not to mention that the new technology means we’d be able to store them in a small box or on the shelf rather than in large boxes in the basement or the attic.

Memories Preserved, Relived and Our Family Reunited by the Joys of the Past​

So we sent in our boxes of family treasures. Once the DVDs were finished and held our family’s precious moments on them, we were eager to get them back. We planned a get together on a Sunday afternoon, just as in the past. The wonder and joy felt in the room that Sunday was beyond words. Thank you everyone AV Conversion Services. We appreciate the work you’ve done for us and are ever so grateful.​

Webmaster note: This post was submitted by a satisfied customer. Thanks to Judy K. in Jackson, MS for the great story.