Switch Old Cassette Tapes to CD

Gosh did I love my portable cassette tape recorder! I’d listen for hours to my favorite music, like the BeeGees and ABBA. I’d dance and sing the loudest when nobody was at home. With a voice off key, who cared and I had a good time by myself.

I also listened to meditation tapes each night which often put me to sleep. Sound of trickling water flowing gently through a heavenly green glade. Boy could I get my imagination going! It taught me to relax and de-stress.
Then the cassette recorder died, so I replaced it. Another one failed on me, so I tried again. Finally it seemed I couldn’t buy a little portable one anywhere because their time had run out and discs were more popular. What to do with my favorite music? What’ll I do without it? But now, I had no portable tape deck to use.

A friend told me about this conversion company, AV Conversion Services. I thought I could get them to transfer my favorite music and artists, my meditation tapes and any other tapes I had to CDs. I considered it for a few days then thought that it was a good idea and I had to get with the times if I wanted to preserve all my old stuff. It would save me from buying new CDs and I didn’t even know if the oldies I had were available on the market in CD form or as mp3s. But of course I needed to get a CD player. I could easily get one of those.

So I decided that I would change my cassette tapes to CDs and came across AV Workshop on the internet. I got in touch with them and a very pleasant and patient gentleman described their service to me over the phone. They said they could fine tune the sounds on my tapes to be a better quality on disc. I liked what they said and I thought their price was very reasonable so I sent them my tapes.

They notified me after a few weeks, that they had my CDs ready. I picked them up at the post office and brought them home to listen to my favorite music. The sound was absolutely great, just like new; after all I’d had the tapes and played them so many times , I guess they had deteriorated a bit. The new sound on the CDs pleased me to no end. I’m very happy that I have found AV Conversion Services and when I’m ready I’ll ask them to convert my video tapes next.

Thanks everyone, for a fantastic job well done and for letting me tell my story.

Webmaster Note: This post was courtesy of Carol S., Van Nuys, CA. Another satisfied customer.