You’re a Videographer & Didn’t Know!

Just about every device nowadays can take incredible, movie quality audio and video recordings. All the phones and tablet computers, even laptops can easily – with a couple of clicks – create memories. But what if your memory card or your device is full? Or you switch to a device leaving your memories behind in a drawer? Or your device acts up because it’s memory is too full – with your memories? You need to get them off the device, keep them safe and organize them for future enjoyment and sharing.

We Create More Media Today Than Ever

Because of all these new technologies, we can create huge amounts of audio and video footage on the fly without even realizing that we’re making movies and audio recordings faster than ever imagined. Certainly, even a mere generation ago this was simply not possible. But that leads to the next problem. What to do with them all without losing them?

There are over 3 billion hours of video watched on YouTube every month. That’s a staggering number of hours. This translates into roughly 60 hours of video being uploaded every minute by folks like you. And this is just Youtube. Can you image the other billions of hours of footage that never makes it to a public platform?

Memory Loss in a Digital Audio Video World

In the old days you lost memories because the VHS tapes and film reels degraded. Now, we lose them because we can’t get them off the device, run out of device memory, switch to new devices – or just forget about them. Until one day… you want to find them. And share them.

These memories need to be preserved, an sometimes organized. All your modern audio and video recordings are already in the latest digital format, so the issue now is getting them off your device and organizing them for viewing on something other than the device you used to record them on. This is also part of preservation and making them available for enjoyment.

We Can Access Any Digital Media on Any Device

We can access your media on just about any device and in just about any format, and bundle them on CDs, DVDs, Blueray, mp3, mp4, or whatever makes sense for that media and how you may want to enjoy – or edit them.

We have super fast services available for this, so by sending your device in, we’ll get it done quick and get your device – and your media back to you in a matter of days.