Convert DVDs to mp4 Digital Files

AV Conversion Services Announce New Service – Convert DVDs to mp4 Digital Files AV Conversion Services preserves old DVD media to New Future-proof mp4 files     AV Conversion Services, a company that transfers older form of media such as 8mm film, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, photos etc. to digital, has announced that they have a […]

You’re a Videographer & Didn’t Know!

Just about every device nowadays can take incredible, movie quality audio and video recordings. All the phones and tablet computers, even laptops can easily – with a couple of clicks – create memories. But what if your memory card or your device is full? Or you switch to a device leaving your memories behind in […]

Make Your Brown Film Blue…

Bluray that is! Our family has been taking films of our gatherings for years and years. From reunions to vacations, from Christmas to Easter, we’ve collected rolls and rolls of film. Clowning around at family reunions with everyone there was caught on film. Weddings in the family were so hopeful and exciting. Babies when they […]

Old vs New AV Technology​

There is probably as much confusion about old technology as there is about the new. I’ll try to cover off the basic and most important differences between the old and the new “Digital” audio and video technologies.​ Characteristics of Old Audio and Video Technology​ The “old” technology is based on magnetic and plastic tapes that […]

Save Your Best Memories

I want to thank the great staff at AV Conversion Services for inviting me to write a blog based on my experiences. It all started with a letter of appreciation to them. So here goes. Converting your VHS videos to DVDs is the way to go. I know this by experience. My husband is an […]

Switch Old Cassette Tapes to CD

Gosh did I love my portable cassette tape recorder! I’d listen for hours to my favorite music, like the BeeGees and ABBA. I’d dance and sing the loudest when nobody was at home. With a voice off key, who cared and I had a good time by myself. I also listened to meditation tapes each […]