Santa Cruz Skateboarding Archives Transferred to Digital

3/4″ U-Matic tapes and S-VHS masters Digitized to HD mp4 Files  AV Transfers Santa Cruz Skateboarding Film and Videotapes to Digital Files Super 8 Film and U-matic Tapes Converted to HD mp4 Files AV recently transferred a Santa Cruz skateboard distribution company’s collection of videotapes and film to HD mp4 Files. These archives documented some of the most well-known […]

1500 Audio Cassette Tapes Preserved to Digital

Batch 4 of 1500 Audio Cassettes to Digital Files Transfer AV Converts 1500 Audio Cassettes for Big Sur Educational Center 1500 Audio Recordings Preserved and Enhanced to Digital Files for Esalen Institute Esalen Institute, a local Big Sur Retreat Center, recently asked AV to help them convert and preserve their audio cassette archive. This vast collection of tapes was very important to […]

12,000 Family Photos Scanned to Digital Files

12,000 Family Photos Scanned to Digital 12,000 Photos Scanned to High-Res Digital Files AV Customer’s Photo Archive Restored and Preserved to Digital AV recently scanned a customer’s extensive family photo collection of about 12,000 images. AV began this task by cleaning each photo by hand with a microfiber cloth to ensure the photos would look the best they […]

How to Prepare your Slides, Negatives, and Photos for Scanning at AV Conversion Services

General Tips: Please print neatly and avoid cursive Use a permanent marker to write on plastic bags Label a #1 on the back of the slide or photo that you would like to start the order with Divide your slides, photos, and negatives up into envelopes or ziplock bags. You can use index cards or sticky […]

Slide Scanning – Find out what type of Slides you have

While slides date back as far as 1907, Eastman Kodak Company introduced 35mm film for the still camera (Kodachrome) in 1936. Slides are a form of photographic film that develops a positive image on a transparent base. They were typically used by photographers to project their images to a large audience. Since reversal film produces high resolution and […]

1920s Film Preserved to Digital mp4 Files

100 Year Old 16mm Film Transferred to HD mp4 Files One Hundred Year Old 16mm Film Enhanced and Converted to Digital Customer’s Treasured 1920s 16mm Film Transferred to HD mp4   AV recently transferred a customer’s 100 year old 16mm film to mp4 files. This film was very cherished by the family and needed to be worked with carefully. While […]

VHS Archive Transfer to DVD

Ten Years of Vintage Racing VHS Tapes Converted to DVD

100 Hours of Vintage Racing Video Transferred to DVD Customer’s Prized VHS Racing Collection Digitally Archived   One of AV’s longtime customers, Bernardo M., dropped off his treasured Vintage Racing VHS Archive to be converted to DVD. These tapes accumulated over a 10 year period, with Bernardo recording every season during the 1990s – 2000s. Bernardo cherished these recordings, […]

MiniDV to mp4 HD Transfer

Over One Hundred Hours of Ocean Exploration MiniDVs Converted to Digital mp4

Over 80 Northern California Seafloor Videotapes Digitized to HD mp4 National Science Organization’s MiniDV Archive Transferred to Digital mp4 Files with HD Upres   A national scientific research agency recently entrusted AV Workshop with the job of digitally preserving over a hundred hours of local ocean exploration MiniDV tapes. The research organization not only wanted to archive and retain this material for the future, but they […]

Convert DVDs to mp4 Digital Files

AV Conversion Services Announce New Service – Convert DVDs to mp4 Digital Files   AV Conversion Services preserves old DVD media to New Future-proof mp4 files AV Conversion Services, a company that transfers older form of media such as 8mm film, VHS tapes, audio cassettes, photos etc. to digital, has announced that they have a new […]

You’re a Videographer & Didn’t Know!

Just about every device nowadays can take incredible, movie quality audio and video recordings. All the phones and tablet computers, even laptops can easily – with a couple of clicks – create memories. But what if your memory card or your device is full? Or you switch to a device leaving your memories behind in […]