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Film making as we can appreciate, began in the 1890s? with the invention of motion picture filming cameras.? Way back at that time, the basic equipment was able to make films? of just one minute in length – a vast difference from today's full featured,? full length? documentaries and movies. This marked the beginning of motion picture studios.?

Back in those days, all movies were without sound and not till the late 1920s,? that equipment progress far enough,? to make movies with sound.? But in spite of the fact that there? was nothing to hear, motion pictures films became very popular. ? Stories and even news events,? were translated to moving pictures and watched by the masses.? After the Technological Revolution, and the electrification of factories,? people had more time for entertainment and leisure activities.? Once WW ll was over, folks were regularly watching motion pictures in Delaware and the fashion had become the norm.


Rapid Advancements in Technology

Because of rapid technological advancements, we can record all kinds of sounds in the form of music and voice, and immediately hear it. Video is easily recorded of weather events, news breaks, family, friends, and pets and upload it to the internet in mere minutes. Cellular phones are now made equipped with HD cameras which are a vast difference from the motion picture cameras from days of old. We'll likely be the most recorded people in all of history!?

Our family's traditions and lineage will be preserved like it never was in our past. Transfer your family lineage and memories captured on outdated formats and methods to current day formats so we can conserve and protect family histories and record them. There are programs that are in process to ensure the preservation of our commercial film roots but we each need to apply this practice to our own special moments and preserve them for future enjoyment.? Call AV Conversion Services in Delaware today and properly care for those cherished memories.


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